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Custom Packaging

In addition to providing your medications in vials, we are pleased to offer the following packaging options as well:

Blister Packs – Medication Made Easy:

  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Errors
  • Improve Compliance

A blister pack is a weekly card that contains 28 separate clear bubbles called blisters.  Your pharmacist will fill the blisters with the right medications to be taken at the prescribed times.  All you need to do is push out the medications through the seal. Once your blister pack is empty, your pharmacist will provide you with a new one. Feel free to contact us if you have questions – we are here to help. Our pharmacists are available for one on one consultation, for which the fees are covered by most benefit plans. Contact us for further information. We would love to see you. It is important to manage your health and attend one of our clinics.

Strip Packaging – Safe, Easy, Accurate:

This state of the art system of medication delivery provides your medications in easy to open strips of pouches that have the dosage times printed on each pouch. The pouches are accurately filled by a packaging machine, reducing the amount of human handling and potential for errors. Another machine then carefully and precisely checks each pouch, ensuring that each pouch has exactly the right number and type of medication in it that it is supposed to. Just tear open the pouches, take all the medications and never worry about remembering to take all of your medications. It’s that simple.

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